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Holland Code Personality Types


Estimated Time

10 - 15 minutes

The Holland Career Codes System is an assessment designed to help students uncover their ideal career path. By identifying their dominant career interest students can gain insights into their career choices.


Choosing a career can be overwhelming for students, especially during their teenage years. This activity aims to empower students by providing them with a structured approach to explore their interests and align them with potential career paths. By understanding their dominant career interest, students can make more informed decisions about their future and feel confident about their choices.


Clarity on Dominant Career Interest: The assessment will reveal a student's primary area of interest, helping them gain a clearer understanding of their passions and strengths.

Personalized Career Recommendations: Based on their interest profile, students will receive a selection of recommended careers that align with their dominant career interest, giving them a starting point for further research and exploration.

Dinner Table Conversations Starters:

(These are intended to initiate conversations, and you don't have to ask all of them; pick the ones you'd like to use.)


What was your dominant career interest according to the assessment?


Does it align with what you expected, or did it surprise you?


Were there any other interest areas that you scored high in? How might these additional interests complement or overlap with your dominant interest?


How do you think your dominant career interest reflects your personality and strengths?


How might your dominant career interest influence your choice of high school courses or extracurricular activities?

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