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Find interesting Career


Estimated Time

10 - 15 minutes

This activity aims to help your child explore potential career paths based on their interests and personality traits. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to explore careers associated with adjacent personality types, broadening their horizons and encouraging them to consider a wider range of options.


By engaging in activities that help them explore their interests and potential career paths, we empower them to make informed decisions about their education and future endeavors. This activity not only encourages self-reflection but also exposes your child to a variety of career options, expanding their knowledge and helping them make more informed choices.


Increased self-awareness: By completing this activity, your child will gain a better understanding of their interests and personality traits, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their future career paths.

Expanded career options: Through exploring careers associated with both their dominant personality type and adjacent types, your child will discover a wider range of potential career paths, opening their eyes to new possibilities.

Dinner Table Conversations Starters:

(These are intended to initiate conversations, and you don't have to ask all of them; pick the ones you'd like to use.)


Which career(s) from the Holland Code assessment align with your interests? Why do you think they resonate with you?


Were there any surprises in the list of careers associated with adjacent personality types? Which ones caught your attention, and why?


Did you notice any patterns or similarities among the careers that appeal to you? How might these patterns guide your career exploration? How do you think your interests and personality traits can contribute to your future career success?


Are there any careers that you hadn't considered before but now seem interesting to you? What attracts you to those careers?


Are there any skills or qualifications you would need to acquire for the careers you are interested in? How can you start developing those skills?

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