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Real or Fake College Courses

Estimated Time

3 - 5 minutes


This activity introduces students to the diverse range of courses available in college and challenges them to differentiate between real and fake course titles. It sparks curiosity and encourages exploration of different academic disciplines.


This activity is informative and useful for students as it exposes them to the wide array of subjects they can study in college. It helps them understand that college offers opportunities to pursue their passions and explore new interests.


Increased awareness of the variety of subjects available for study in college.

Could lead to further exploration of potential academic interests and career paths.

Dinner Table Conversations Starters:

(These are intended to initiate conversations, and you don't have to ask all of them; pick the ones you'd like to use.)


Which course titles intrigued you the most? Why?


How do you think these unique courses could contribute to your overall college experience?


Did any of the course titles surprise you? Why?


What are some subjects you would like to learn more about in college?


How do you think these unique courses could benefit your personal and intellectual growth?

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