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College Distance

Why you may want to stay close to home

Potential homesickness is one of the most obvious reasons to stay close to home. College is an adjustment for any student, and going through those changes far from home can make you feel homesick. If you stick close to home, you’ll likely have lots of support from friends and family while going through this adjustment period.

By staying close to home, you will be in a familiar setting. You may already know the area well, so you will have an easier time getting groceries, a pharmacy, restaurants, and other off-campus amenities. Many of life's logistics will be easier; you can continue to see the same doctor and dentist, use the same bank, etc

Why you may want to go further away

For many, college can be a fresh start, a chance to meet new people and discover more about the person you want to be. If you stay close to home, you could run into acquaintances, family friends, high school teachers, or classmates while at college. You may even end up spending most of your time with your family or high school friends. While comforting to some, for others, it might seem a bit suffocating.

If you know you’ve always wanted to try living in the city, the mountains, or just someplace else, college could be a great time to try it. By staying close to home, you might be sacrificing the opportunity to experience something different in your life.

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