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College Size

Small Colleges (Less than 5K students)

Do you enjoy personal attention from teachers and advisers, then a smaller college setting may be a better fit. Although there may be fewer facilities at smaller schools, there are also fewer students to compete with. Typically at a smaller school, you'll find a strong sense of community and connection. However, you can also find less in terms of big-time sporting events and variety.

Medium Colleges (5K-20K students)

Some students find that medium colleges have a good mix of qualities of both small and large colleges. These schools are small enough to easily make friends and participate in social activities, yet big enough to offer the academic options they want. However, these schools range in what they offer, so be sure to do your homework on these schools before making up your mind.

Large College (More than 20K students)

Are you looking to break free of your high school? Does being one of the thousands of students on a big campus sound appealing to you? Some students find this atmosphere exciting, while others find it overwhelming. Students who do best at large colleges tend to be go-getters that take advantage of the many opportunities provided by being at a large school.

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