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We are proud to partner with the National Speech & Debate Association to provide subscriptions to CR SCORE's college coach in your pocket for FREE to NSDA students at Title I schools (1000 available).
At CR SCORE we are committed to making access to college counseling expertise available to all.  For every paid subscription to CR SCORE, we give CR SCORE to a student at a Title I school for free. 
The CR SCORE Student Mobile APP 

✔ Starts as early as 9th grade and works on any phone or computer!

✔ Ensure you always know where you stand and how to improve with personalized recommendations to help meet your college goal.

✔ Helps guarantee you don’t miss deadlines with reminders and checklists directly on your phone.

✔ Looks at who you are not just your grades and GPA.  

✔ Provides a knowledge center that explains each step of the process.

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Collaborative College Fit Finder
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​Built For Engagement

✔ Over 5000 Schools labeled with the your likelihood of acceptance

✔ Ability to sort and filter by major, cost, size, location, grad rates, starting salary, etc and to compare up to 10 schools seamlessly.

✔ Ability to build a list of schools you are interested in

✔ See how thousands of schools have changed criteria due to COVID-19

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