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CR SCORE is a college admissions coach in your pocket. Starting as early as 9th grade, CR SCORE tells you what types of colleges you are on track to get into and gives you a personalized plan on how to improve your college application.

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Planning for college is a team effort.

Think navigating the college application process is complicated and stressful?  We agree! That’s why we built CR SCORE to make access to the best college readiness counseling available to ALL students, parents, and educators.



Starting as early as freshman year, the simple and easy to use CR SCORE app takes into account ALL of the factors that colleges look at--coursework, volunteer experience, clubs, sports, test scores and more.




CR SCORE includes strategies to help parents, guardians and advisors better prepare their high schoolers.




CR SCORE provides a seamless platform, that starting in 9th grade, lets counselors engage their students by following all their progress, ensuring they don’t miss deadlines and provides a tool to understand what colleges they are interested in and are tracking towards.

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Finding the right college is really hard.

With so many colleges to choose from the process of finding the right college fit for you can seem overwhelming and stressful. We agree. That’s why we built CR SCORE to help make finding your dream school a reality.



CR SCORE will use the information you tell us to let you know what type of schools you are currently tracking to gain admission to and give you a list of schools at that level.



Every week, CR SCORE will introduce you to a different college that our college admission experts think is a good fit for you.



The college search doesn't have to begin and end with the Ivies and the name brand schools. There are so many schools out there to choose from -- some known and some less known, all worthy of your attention. CR SCORE can help with the process.

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So what is a college readiness score?

Great question! CR SCORE breaks down your college readiness application and gives a score and detailed Tips & Action Steps from our team of experts in each of the major sections of the college admissions process:


Loading up on AP classes? Math all-star? Show-off your studies.


Honors + Extracurriculars

Drama Club, captain of the soccer team, that literary award you won last week. It all counts.

Honors + Extracurriculars

Volunteer + Work Hours

Did you build a community garden? Deliver meals to the elderly? Highlight real-world and volunteer experience.

Volunteer + Work Hours

Test Scores

Log your PSAT, SAT, & ACT scores as you take them.

Test Scores

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Tips & 

Action Steps

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We can help take the veil off the college readiness process by giving you detailed, personalized tips & action steps from our team of college admission experts. 

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Will B, Admissions Counselor

From my experience in college admissions, I’ve never seen a  tool that I thought could be as game-changing as CR SCORE.

Marc M, Education Expert

CR Score will help not only first-generation students improve their college readiness, but any high school student!

Josh L., CEO Test Pre Co.

CR SCORE is a phenomenal tool that can help millions of students become more college-ready.

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College Readiness For ALL!

CR SCORE’s mission is to demystify and democratize the college admissions process for ALL students. 


We are accomplishing this through:

  • Our one for one program- where we give a free subscription to the app to a deserving student for every subscription purchased.  


  • Your data is yours  At CR SCORE we believe that your data is your data! ​Our privacy policy ensures we will never sell your data or share your data to any third party.

  • Protecting your data - CR SCORE uses industry best practices to protect your data.  ​That includes SSL encryption of any data transmitted and Strict two-factor authentication around database access