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Democratizing Access To College Readiness
At CR SCORE we are committed to making access to college counseling expertize available to all.  For every school that pays for CR SCORE, we give CR SCORE, for free, to an entire title 1 school.  Apply today to get CR SCORE for your school!
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✔ Instantly know where all your students stand
✔ Get detailed reports on their progress
✔ Send messages directly to their phones
Collaborative College Fit Finder
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​Built For Engagement

✔ Over 5000 Schools labeled with the student's likelihood of acceptance

✔ Ability to sort and filter by major, cost, size, location, grad rates, starting salary, etc and to compare up to 10 schools seamlessly.

✔ Ability to see which schools each student is interested in and recommend schools to students

The CR SCORE Student Mobile APP 

✔ Engages your students starting in 9th grade, where they are: on their phones! 

✔ Ensure parents and students always know where they stand and how to improve.

✔ Helps guarantee students don’t miss deadlines with reminders and checklists directly on their phones.

✔ By asking students about all the factors that admissions officers consider, students instantly realize what goes into college admissions. 

✔ Provides a knowledge center that explains each step of the process.

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