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Volunteerism Options

Volunteer with kids

Choose to volunteer with children if you have an abundance of kindness and patience, coupled with a determination to see young people succeed. Different types of volunteer activities with children can include teaching them to read, coaching, mentorship, and working with them at daycare centers, after-school clubs, and other children-related projects.

Animal rescue or care

Animal care and rescue volunteer projects involve working with a range of wild and domestic animals. Make a difference in the lives of elephants, monkeys, bears, leopards, jaguars, horses, dogs, cats, turtles, and a variety of tropical birds and reptiles.


Land, animal, and marine-based conservation volunteering projects are where you can get involved in research and conservation initiatives. You can help take care of a local park so that it remains beautiful and vibrant for your community.

Community Based

Community-based volunteering including building work, maintenance, and supporting your local community. This could be by serving food at a soup kitchen, cleaning up a park, painting a building in need of repair, etc.

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