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Sample Careers Building

Auto Mechanics work with an array of equipment to inspect, repair, and maintain automobiles.

Academic majors to consider:

Automotive Technology

Medical Technicians perform patient assessments, assist nurses and physicians, order lab tests, and maintain patient records.

Academic majors to consider:

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

A central part of a Software Tester’s job is to conduct hands-on experimentation in order to guarantee that the software program works properly and to create the best possible user experience.

Academic majors to consider:

  • IT, Software Development

  • Management Information Systems

HVAC Technicians install, test, and repair heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. They may service residential clients such as a homeowner seeking to have their equipment repaired or corporate clients.

Academic majors to consider:

  • Facilities Maintenance

Computer Technicians install hardware and software, perform system updates, and troubleshoot computer errors.

Academic majors to consider:

  • Information Technology

  • Computer Science

Chefs work with food preparation and menu planning, along with overseeing kitchen staff, ordering supplies, and maintaining inventory.

Academic majors to consider:

  • Culinary Arts

  • Hospitality Management

Production Associates work in factories and manufacturing plants to create and package products. They oversee materials as they move throughout an automated assembly line, ensuring quality and positive product outcomes.

Academic majors to consider:

  • Business, Manufacturing

  • Facilities Maintenance

Other Jobs to Consider

  • Airline or Commercial Pilot

  • Electrical or Electronics Engineer

  • Civil Engineer

  • Power Plant Operator

  • Nuclear Technician

  • Elevator Installer or Repairer

  • Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technician 

  • Cardiovascular Technologist or Technician

  • Line Installer or Repairer

  • Cartographer or Photogrammetrist

  • Electrical or Electronic Engineering Technician

  • Police Officer or Detective

  • Boilermaker

  • Aircraft or Avionics Equipment Mechanic or Technician

  • Surveyor

  • Conservation Scientist or Forester

Architects have a great deal of responsibility when it comes to designing buildings that are safe and functional. Architects must think critically to draft plans, provide information about land use, and compute cost analyses.

Academic majors to consider:

  • Architecture

  • Industrial Design

  • Regional Planning

Surveyors work in the field to record details about land, including measuring points on the Earth’s surface, determining the locations of land boundaries, and preparing reports. Surveyors may work with various clients, such as government entities, building managers, and contractors.

Academic majors to consider:

  • Civil Engineering

  • Geography

Critical thinking, strategic planning, and process improvement are just some of the functions of a Logistics Analyst. These Analysts also use industry trends to advise businesses on how to simplify all aspects of the manufacturing process, usually to maximize profits and reduce waste.

Academic majors to consider:

  • Logistics, Business

  • Business Administration

  • Finance

  • Management Information Systems

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