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College Dreams
Start NOW


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The College Dreams Start NOW program is tailored for students in grades 8-10, and offers a proactive approach to college preparation, starting before junior or senior year. It's designed to give students and their parents a comprehensive understanding of the college admissions process.


This program simplifies the complexities of admissions, providing clear guidance on various college types and options, financial aid options, and helps to align college choices with your child's ambitions. The program addresses common issues such as students' lack of interest in college and turns this into enthusiasm, converting parental anxiety into confidence.


Through interactive online activities, the program will assist students in setting achievable goals and developing a roadmap for success in higher education. The vital role of parents in these crucial years is emphasized, aiming to strengthen the parent-child relationship as you work together towards college goals.

What You Get


Attend a workshop hosted by one of our experts

This workshop serves as a comprehensive introduction to the core of our program, providing insights into our unique approach to enhancing your child's learning experience. Connect with our passionate educators and experts dedicated to fostering a positive and engaging environment for youth development, and enjoy the added benefit of attending an in-person workshop to enrich the learning experience further.

Guide Book

Receive a copy of our book that provides you the background and basic understandings of the process

With your very own copy of our book, College Dreams Start NOW, we provide you with a resource to help your child explore their interests and create and achieve their post-secondary goals. You'll gain a concise understanding of the latest research from our partners at Penn GSE, shaping the future of education and student development, along with fundamental knowledge of the increasingly complex college readiness and post-secondary landscapes.

Online Course

24/7 access to our online platform that provides 30+ activities to complete with your child. 

Engage in more than 30 activities and dinner table conversations with your child to foster self-discovery and inspire future planning. You will have 24/7 access to this hands-on approach providing you with a meaningful way to connect with your child as they shape their future. Our program is designed to introduce the myriad possibilities that post secondary education can provide—all while developing understanding, excitement, agency, and a well-defined plan along the way.


Penn GSE GPN Certificate

Upon completion of the program, your child will receive a certificate of completion from Penn Graduate School of Education's Global Possibilities Network. Additionally, you will have access to supplementary post-secondary resources and receive a subscription to the newsletter.


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