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Possibility Development — Let's Up Guidance Counseling to Democratize College Admission Success Precap:

Why does this matter to me?

For Parents: As a parent, there are plenty of aspects of education that can land out of your control. One of these aspects is often access to quality guidance counseling — a staple in college exploration and admission success.’s possibility development program aims to provide all students with something similar to “a pocket guidance counselor,” sharing tips and advice to improve confidence around —and success in— the college admission process.

For PTAs: Do your students have access to unlimited, high quality guidance counseling? This is an essential piece of college exploration and admission success, but no matter how hard counselors work, there’s always more to do. Private options aren’t available to every family, but’s possibility development tool can be. We provide personalized college preparation advice to every student, removing one major socioeconomic barrier that used to stand in the way.

For Principals and Administrators: Are your guidance counselors overworked with student and family obstacles and challenges to the point that they struggle to offer college exploration and readiness advice?’s gamified and digitied possibility development program is developed to help deliver quality college readiness counseling without adding to your counselors workload .

More About Possibility Development, Guidance Counseling, and the Potential Democratization of College Admission Success

We want the best for all of our students — and admission college is at the top of that list. Unfortunately, access to quality college readiness mentorship, a tool that can benefit the college readiness and admissions success for all students, is highly inequitable. We believe the potential lies in a proven evidence-based framework called possibility development.

What is Possibility Development?

Possibility development is a mentorship framework developed at UPENN GSE that empowers students to imagine future achievements, create a goal plan to get there, and finally, take action and turn those dreams into reality.

Three Ways Possibility Development Can Promote Equality in College Admissions

It Shows Students That College is Possible for All — Think about it: if you grow up in a family that hasn't had a high school graduate and you haven't heard college being discussed, it's not likely to be on your radar.

Possibility development shows students that they can accomplish what they care about most. Yes, even the things their parents did not have the opportunity to do. Possibility development has a history of creating first-time college students and graduates.

It Promotes Self-Confidence and Intrinsic Motivation —

Possibility development doesn’t just say students' dreams are possible, it shows them through creating a plan how they can be a reality. Through this process students’ fear and anxiety around college readiness and admission is reduced, adding a level of self-confidence that students may have not had before. It shows them that the reason —and ability— to accomplish their goals is within themselves.

It Gives All Students the Tools They Need for College Admissions Success

Possibility development isn't just talk — it includes the tools that students miss when they aren’t working with a quality guidance counselor during their junior high years.

If you're looking for a simple, equal way to supply your students with these capabilities, consider turning to today. Our easy-to-use smartphone app comes with the functionality you need to support each and every middle school student you parent, teach, or guide.

Our app and holistic program works by providing:

  • Weekly activities to get students exploring their own college potential.

  • Simple action steps to boost academics, extracurriculars, and volunteer experience in future transcripts.

  • Discussion questions for peer groups, parents, and educators — depending on the setting the app is being utilized in.

Our tool is student-led, too, making it a great choice for middle schoolers who are more successful when they are in charge of their own actions. is mentoring students toward achieving their college admissions dreams. We’re committed to playing a role in equal guidance counseling access and college admission success — one possibility development journey at a time.


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