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What Students Need From Middle School Guidance Counselors Today Precap:

Why does this matter to me?

For Parents: You’re likely well aware of the importance of a good teacher, but what about guidance counselors? These professionals play a significant role in students’ current and future endeavors — from academic support to social-emotional skills and college planning and preparation. They’re stretched far too thin, and’s college exploration mentorship program can help.

For PTAs: You know all about what middle school guidance counselors do, from academics to social support to planning and prepping for your students’ futures. What can you do to help these individuals in their quest to help every student reach their full potential?’s possibility development mentorship program could be the solution.

For Principals and Administrators: Looking for a way to understand and extend the reach of your middle school guidance counselor? You already know what this incredible staff member of yours accomplishes every day, so skip down to the last paragraph of this post to learn a bit about how can help your students explore and plan for future college success — taking a little bit off of their very full plate.

What Middle School Guidance School Counselors Do For Students

Guidance counselors work with middle school students to perform well in school, access the resources they need, and form postsecondary and career planning goals. These professionals form personal relationships with each student, serving as a support figure throughout the middle school and high school years.

Below, we'll look into these three aspects in greater detail, showing the true difference middle school guidance counseling makes today.

Academic Support

If students are struggling in 7th grade and 8th grade classes, guidance counselors can help them come up with a personalized solution. Not every student needs after school tutoring — though that is a valid option for many. Other learners may need help with study skills, support in out-of-school distractions like family troubles or food insecurities, or referrals to further assessments and academic achievement support.

Social-Emotional Support

This is often the most-seen duty of middle school counselors. If a student is struggling with family concerns, peer relationships, difficulties fitting in, or mental health troubles, they can be scheduled to meet with the school guidance counselor to find the resources they need to succeed. This may include referrals to outside tools or times to chat in their office each week. They can also help with regular social-emotional skill building, such as decision-making, self-awareness, self-management, and more.

Post-Secondary Goal Formation

Guidance counselors also take on the role of postsecondary support. They assist students in realizing their interests and the steps they need to take to achieve their future goals. They may have connections to and contact information for local colleges or career development sites for extracurricular classes, internships, and more to help students work toward their dreams from an early age.

The need for school counselors is clear. But the suggested ratio for schools is just 250 to 1. And in reality, the average ratio in the United States is 424 to 1. How can we expect middle school counseling programs to succeed when their staff is spread so dangerously thin?

If your school is in need of additional guidance counseling support, consider reaching out to today. Our mentorship program serves as virtual, individualized support in college readiness starting in middle school, allowing students to receive the care they need as they work toward their future goals one small step at a time.

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